How to participate in this project.

Altar al desamor (The altar of the lost love in spanish) is a visual arts project that seeks to gather experiences about love and its absence through photographs, objects and testimonies. Both the photographs and the items donated temporarily by the project participants, and images sent over the Internet, will be collected in a physical altar to be prepared in honor of the coldness and disaffection in love.

The idea of an altar has emerged as an alternative
to the frivolous vision of love that lies on the popular imagination, where the happy endings and smooth relations prevail. In this way the project seeks to pay a kind of homage to the complexity of love, to the broken hearts and in general to any painful situation caused by love.

There are three ways to participate in this project:

1. You can send a photograph of you and your old love. You can hide the identities with an image editor program like Photoshop. 

2. You can send a photograph of one or more objects that keeps a memory of an old flame. When you send your photo, you have to describe the relationship between the object and the memory in up to 5 lines .

3. You can also send images of cards or love letters you have received.

Send the pictures at
Images will be accepted until May 7, 2011.
You can send as many pictures as you want.

All the images will be printed and displayed on the Altar al desamor and will be also posted at this blog as part of the process.